I will NOT be posting in this section but I will be checking it. If anyone claims to be me, their not unless stated otherwise! This is an fun and safe place, don't post any personal information (Numbers, emails, links, etc.). I will delete anything that isn't age-approval. Have an safe and blessed day.
Xo, Olivia


I love you.

Naty | 12/17/2012

I love you, you're beuatiful!!! xD


♥ G i r l 20 ♥ | 12/05/2012

♥ online social pinboard ♥ share your homepage pics on supondo

alexmiller | 12/04/2012

hey olivia i'm achamp snowborder and people are saying we should go out. what should I do? alex miller age:14

Oliva holt

Taylor | 12/16/2012

Hey y'all I want to no how you fighted the monsters THAT WAS AWSOME what you did.O and by the way your clothes are AWSOME I want them.And if you can show me pictures of your clothes.And tell me what store you got them.You are so AWSOME TO.I also want to know we're you got the leggings please tell me soon.So what are you asking for Christmas something awsome.If you can show me your room looks like or make a video.If you can send me a video of you to.By the way Xo


G i r l 20 | 11/28/2012

yes is a pinboard


devon | 11/15/2012

hi olivia i was wondering if i sent you a letter asking for an auto would u send me a autographed picture or something like that your really pretty and it would be cool to meet you:)

Re: autographs

hello | 04/03/2013

no sorry


I love korea! ^^ | 11/10/2012

hey olivia you are so amazing! i*not from america but i am your big fan.well i think that youre movie is amazing and cool. and you are too!
you are my favorite star from america ,because You're the only star that I like from america.....well my favorite country is south of korea and I have favorite actresses in south korea! well this is my message for you! with love marry(i love korea)

Biggest Fan

Ellie Walton | 10/28/2012

Hi Olivia
I'm your biggest fan, I loved your new film Girl v's Monster...
Do you have a fan club I could join?
Love Ellie xx

Hi!! :)

Skylar | 08/28/2012

Dear Olivia,
You are truly amazing at acting and I've even seen your older singing videos, you have such a beautiful voice! I can't wait to see your new DCOM movie Girl VS. Monster, it looks really good! I wish you could reply back, but just knowing you read these comments is an amazing thought as well. Not to forget, you're super gorgeous! Hopefully one day I can meet you! Bye!! :)

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