Welcome to Olivia Holt Site!

Hey y'all, this is Olivia Holt! This is my website where I will be updating you guys. I will be posting my official sites and videos also pictures! Not only that, I will be having others update y'all when I cannot. I want to be clear on this, I am the owner and creator of this site and I will be informing y'all too. This site is my only current website that is made by me. And at the moment, this is my official site for now.

Xo, Olivia


Girl Vs. Monster

05/01/2012 01:06
Well, I'm sad to say this. But, Girl Vs. Monster filming ends next month. I don't want it to, no...

Earth Day!!

04/22/2012 22:13
Hey y'all! Olivia here with my mom. I asked her what should I post about Earth Day. She told do...

Olivia's Site Officially Opened!

04/22/2012 04:11
So, if you haven't realize. The site is officially opened to the public. This is one of Olivia's...
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