Added Some More Sites For Y'all!! (@olive_hastings)

07/05/2012 14:05

Hey y'all, Olivia here. I'm kinda getting the hang of this site editing thing. haha, but I wanted to tell y'all that I added some more sites that y'all can find me on. I know a bunch of people don't go on new sites, but you guys should really check these cool sites:) I'm kinda exploring the web a little more, haha. But I wanted to inform y'all that my facebook account is currently down, so I'm using my mom's facebook to update my page, lol. I also got a for questions that you may have. I got a Heello. Kinda like twitter to me.. It's super cool too. But I'm great, I wanted to know how your 4th of July went. Tweet me or post on my wall on facebook. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!!