Girl Vs. Monster

05/01/2012 01:06

Well, I'm sad to say this. But, Girl Vs. Monster filming ends next month. I don't want it to, no one would. I love this family, my third family. So, today we have/had an photoshoot for the movie. I can't wait for y'all to watch it. We put a lot of work and effort into the movie. We did a lot of bonding during class and breaks. So, it's sader for me. I hope everyone enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it.
This Monstober is gonna be amazing, and hopefully there will be tons of feedback on my twitter, @itslivey57!! We would love to hear from y'all and me and Kat might do an livechat (not on ustream). It won't be an video chat, just an chat. We're setting it up soon, most likely soon, before we end filming hopefully. If we can't, I will. I love this amazing support. Thank you for everything from Kickin' It to Girl Vs. Monster and even my future projects!!
xo, Liv