Olivia Holt's Q&A & Addiction to LiveProfile (@olive_hastings)

05/24/2012 16:01

Olivia Holt posted on facebook yesterday: "It's exactly 4:18pm, so 18 minutes was taken from the Q&A. but I'm ready to answer some questions. Inbox me those questions of yours and I'll post them here anonymously, ok?"

And overall there was 35 questions: Facebook Q&A [May 23th]

She also posted: "Oh, yea. I forgot to say thank you for submitting in all 35 questions. It really mean a lot and don't forget tomorrow I'm doing a Twitter Q&A. Tweet #AskOlivia and I'll answer you're questions in a Tweet spree!! You can start tweeting now, if you like. I'll get to how many as I can:) Love y'all♥ xo"

So, don't forget to hashtag #AskOlivia and she'll answer you.

Also not only that, Olivia Holt and guest star on Kickin' It Oana Gregory might be obsessed or addicted to social network LiveProfile