Added Some More Sites For Y'all!! (@olive_hastings)

07/05/2012 14:05

Hey y'all, Olivia here. I'm kinda getting the hang of this site editing thing. haha, but I wanted to tell y'all that I added some more sites that y'all can find me on. I know a bunch of people don't go on new sites, but you guys should really check these cool sites:) I'm kinda exploring the web a little more, haha. But I wanted to inform y'all that my facebook account is currently down, so I'm using my mom's facebook to update my page, lol. I also got a for questions that you may have. I got a Heello. Kinda like twitter to me.. It's super cool too. But I'm great, I wanted to know how your 4th of July went. Tweet me or post on my wall on facebook. Looking forward to hearing from y'all!!


Mother's Day! (@olive_hastings)

05/12/2012 14:56

Have everyone! So, you know how tomorrow is Mother's Day. So I wanted to know what are you getting your mom for Mother's Day? I will love to hear from you guys!! So, post it under "Guestbook" or email me under "Feedback", tweet me or message me on tumblr, even on facebook. I just want to here from y'all, and hopefully your week was amazing!!


Cinco de Mayo! (@itslivey57)

05/05/2012 12:23

Hey guys!! Today is Cinco de Mayo, which is cool if you think about it. Honestly, I forgot why we even celebrate it every year. Which isn't cool, do you know why we celebrate Cinco de mayo? If so, drop it in the feedback or put it in the Guestback a tweet would work to!! And YOU tell me why you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and maybe I will do something special? If so, I'll do my best to get back to you.

But so like, yesterday; my friend, Natalie surprised me but taking me to the carnival! I wasn't really planning on going anywhere, so I was really happy when she came and got me. I'm so happy to be back in LA, but not so happy to leave Vancouver. Honestly, I had an withdrawal today. It wasn't fun, but my best friends (Sami & Bella) made me feel better. I hope you had an amazing Friday, I sure did!


Hey Again!

04/22/2012 16:39

Okay, so honestly I didn't know my site was mobile! Is that cool or what?!! Personally, I think that's the coolest feature of this site so far. So, I wanted to make my first mobile post when I found out. So don't worry if your on the go or relaxing at home. You can still check out what's new! Xo

Girl vs. Monster Live Chat!

04/22/2012 04:50

So, yesterday. Me and the cast of Girl Vs. Monster did an live chat on ustream. If you missed the live chat, I will add the link for ya. But, it was crazy. We didn't know how to work the site or any of that. Not to mention, we was pretty loud during the chat. I found it funny how everyone was trying to help figure things out on how to work it, while me on the other hand was on my phone tweeting and texting. Well, hopefully next time we do it. We're know how to use the site, until than love y'all and hope you enjoy the "loud" chat. ;) See what I did there? Haha.

P.S. Tweet #kerrismakeatwitter to get Kerris Dorsey (hopefully) make an twitter. Love ya!

Xo, Olivia

First blog!

04/22/2012 04:06

Okay, so this is BIG! My first site, my first BLOG! What happened today that is big for YOU! I will love your feedback and comments on what's important or what new happened with you today. Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Xo, Olivia